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SEO in Los Angeles | Get Your Los Angeles Business’ SEO Done Right!
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Hello, this is Jeremy Howie with my friend and partner, Tom Merkey. And we are the co-founders of enlightened marketing here in chilly Fort Collins, Colorado. We were recently out there in Los Angeles, California and, uh, would rather be there right now, but we’re here to give you a quick video on Los Angeles SEO… And there’s a reason that you’re finding us at the top of the first page of Google is because we know a little something about SEO, there’s some basic principles to follow and you and your Los Angeles business can do the same if you know these principles.

Now Tom’s going to tell you a little bit about what Enlightened Marketing is…

Well, with Enlightened Marketing, we take you and your business as an individual. You are unique and there’s nobody else like you. We’re gonna separate you from the competition with that uniqueness. We’re gonna do it by learning about you and your business and what integrities you have. And what we can do with you is we want to get you to your fastest way to cash. We’re going to do that by knowing what your intentions are and what the results you want to receive from those intentions will become. And that’s where we come in. So, with Enlightened Marketing, we have a whole lot of fun with you and your business. We’re very serious in that fun in that we will bring out things you don’t even understand yet about yourself and your business. So, give us a shout.

We only work with select businesses. We only work with one business in each niche so we’re not competing against each other in certain areas. So, what we’ll do for the first 3 Los Angeles business owners that call the number in the description below or click the link and contact us on our website and mention this video. We will give you a free 30-minute Los Angeles SEO consultation. Your marketing, your social media, even your videos and tell you what you can do right now to get to your quickest way to cash and that’s only for the first 3 people that mention this video.

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