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what is seo (Search engine Optimisation) SEO is the acronym stands for Search engine optimization,by following the Seo principles we can able to rank any website on Google search engine result page.There are various methods and techniques available to rank websites,But we have to follow the Google friendly methods only.Webmaster guidelines are given by Google take a look at it,You can get a clear idea while watching my video


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The Best Search Engine Optimization Course is The Art of SEO, visit to get your copy today.

Parlay SEO Strategy and Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Watch this video to learn SEO keyword techniques that allow you to compete in your market more effectively and efficiently than competitors, and allow you to easily snag otherwise lost profit in your business.

Stop doing things the way everyone else is doing them.

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Web search engine optimization

Web search engine optimization( a number of techniques to achieve high search engine ranking. Web search engine optimization is not a language of html code, Even that all types of programming languages included in it.

Search Engine Optimization Course to Promote Your Website and YouTube

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Our company provides services of SEO copywriting, which includes the following list of works with the content:

* Before starting work, the client sent the brief to fill . This is done in order to seo-copywriter could make the text focuses on the features of your production and competitive advantage of your company. Therefore, the more completely fill the brief, the more information about your company will be available at the copywriter.

* Check the uniqueness of the texts . In low unique text should either edit or re-write. Search Engines are very negative to respond to non-unique texts and can impose on your online resource certain sanctions.

* At high uniqueness of the text in it harmoniously embedded keywords . It is important not to lose sense and not to distort the essence. Texts should be written in plain language, they do not have to be large, so as not to tire the reader and at the same time not to be too short.

* If necessary, the text is divided into separate units of meaning , form lists, bolded keywords carried perelinkovka (insert in the text of the semantic links to other pages).

* Compiled header and subtitles pages that are formed with the meaning, the age group of potential customers (students, ensuring people, young mothers, and so on), as well as other features of the resource or the services provided.

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On Page SEO Techniques For Optimizing WordPress Posts Webinar 1 Replay

My on page SEO Training blog post with downloads can be found here

Notes from the slide:
Optimizing Your URL For Search Engines
How To use Images With A Sneaky SEO Advantage
Using a Sub Headline To Get More Keywords In Early With An H2 Tag
Using Bullet Points Even Before The First Paragraph To be Both User Friendly But Also Help With The Use of Related or LSI Keywords
Using Short Paragraphs With Optimized Headlines To Make Your Content Easy To Read & Not Look Cluttered and Daunting To the Reader
3 Ways We Can Take Advantage Of Video For On Page SEO
Using A Social Locker With A Freebie To Entice Social Shares To Give Us Social Proof and Ideally More Traffic!
Adding A Call To Action To Maximize the Traffic (We Do SEO For The Purpose Of getting More Traffic After All!)
4 Clever Ways To Add Outbound Links And When To Use Follow or No Follow
3 Top Tips For Adding Internal Links Easily With relevancy & being user Friendly At the Same Time
How To Do On Page SEO & Create User Friendly Content Optimization

On page SEO in 2014 has two main considerations. While we want to write for users and not search engine robots there are some on page optimization basics that we can integrate and do so in a way that it doesn’t look over optimized… if Using Yoast SEO plugin some of this will be easy to check for your target keyword using the tiles, description and other factors like having your keyword in the content, the url and the article headline, as well as for social syndication meta data.

These post optimization techniques are Specifically For On Page SEO For WordPress.

But most of the techniques discussed can be used on other platforms, although i do recommend below some WordPress SEO Plugins

Things You May Need To help Optimize Your Site (Plus Some WP SEO Plugin Recommendations, Strategy Tips & Techniques):

Yoast SEO Plugin will help you with being able to see your snippets for your Title and description and will also help you score your optimization for your target keyword.
Insights Plugin is one of my favorite plugins for finding relevant internal and outbound links, videos and more.
Your Main Target Keyword
Grouped Keywords – keyword Planner or Article Optimization Commando
Related Keywords – Look Under Google Search or Use
Plan Your Article From Keywords
A Base of Or Skeleton of Article, Length Of Article – Important But Its Dependent On
HTML Sitemap For Users On Your Site – Simple Hierarchecal Sitemap Plugin Is Awesome
Link Patrol, I recommend using link patrol by Search Engine Journal

Compelling Headline
Get your keyword in early in the headline.
When you can use the 1.5 Rule which is simply to get part of your keyword phrase back in again in the headline or use a related or LSI search term in there too.
Yoast SEO Plugin is really useful at this stage even though the title you add to Yoast plugin is for the search engines and your headline is for your blog. The reason is that you can see your title and description coming together nicely for the search engines but also in the social section you can extend the length slightly.
Example Of An Optimized headline Using the 1.5 Rule:

“On Page SEO Techniques in 2014 For Optimizing WordPress”
You can see the main keyword of “On page SEO” is right at the start and I have used part of a related term in “Optimization” within the same headline.
Optimizing Your URL For Search Engines
Personally I like to use the /%category%/%postname%/ permalink but many people prefer just /%postname%/ and get their title in with keywords very early.
Use Yoast SEO Plugin To be Able to see snippets as you type the SEO Title too and you can also consider using “WP Category Permalink Plugin” To Control Your URL when using Sub Categories
Optimizing Images & The Sneaky Outbound Link Trick
Use the image properties to add some additional meta data for even more optimization. You can also use Infographics from others as your outbound link or even better to have your own infographic on an authority infographic directory and use that as your outbound link for a a sneaky SEO trick:)
How To use Sub Headlines With Either H2 or H3 tags For Additional SEO Benefits
If your main headline is problem/ solution focused then the sub headline should back up that promise. This gives us a great opportunity to get our keyword in with H2 tag very early in the post.Bullet Points
Part 2 Of 21 On page SEO Techniques For WordPress Coming Soon!…

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Link Building Software for Quality Backlinks.Building Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization

Click Here, ,for more.Building Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization.Well there are nine professional link building techniques which play a major role in higher search engine ranking and quality of traffic to your site determinedly. The very first Off Page Optimization technique is typically known as directory submission wherein you have to persistently submit plenty of articles, news, and descriptions in various directories to get improved search engine optimization results. Second most essential SEO method is called as blogs posting. One of the amazing benefits of blogs marketing is that it would refresh your website pages regularly.

Third most remarkable technique is known as blogs commenting wherein unique, hot, and crispy comments are thrown over various portals efficiently so that higher ranking may be obtained effortlessly. Fourth most vital link building technique is called as forum posting which does play a mandatory role in yours improved website traffic. Fifth most staggering Off Page Optimization method is typically known as social media submission wherein a wide range of articles and descriptions are posted on different websites and portals artfully.

Sixth most stunning looking search engine optimization technique is called as article marketing wherein a wide range of articles are posted on latest websites, directories, and forums efficiently so that organic traffic may be generated efficiently. Next back links are the backbone in SEO by any means. In addition, authority links play a critical role in yours higher search engine ranking indeed. Last but not the least, press release submission is an effective link building strategy which can surely help you to get natural search engine ranking on the dot.

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Smart Search Engine Optimization Strategies for WebSphere Commerce

There is no question that ranking higher than your contenders on major search engines is a must. But, what if you do not know the SEO tricks and tips that will get your eCommerce site on top? If you are missing out on clicks, you are probably also missing out on sales.
Web marketing without strategy is like a gun without bullets. There is a need to come up with ingenious solutions for sales and marketing through different tricks which can help an organization to have more options. Search engines can give your business new prospects but wondering why you are not getting as much traffic as your nearest competition? Why your competitors are getting more clicks? How can you increase your solutions search engine visibility?
Whether you are just getting started with a new website or refining an existing site, this webinar provides useful strategic suggestions for stepping up your SEO game.
If you are an online retailer or an eCommerce enthusiast, you might be wondering what this SEO approach is about? Is it achievable?
Would you like to know how can these different segments like eCommerce, social media, mobile and context are used together to improve dropout rates in eCommerce websites?
We invite you to attend this webinar ‘Smart SEO Strategies for eCommerce’, where we will share our experience and knowledge in this subject. You can learn:

• What is SEO?
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