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Seo White Book: The Organic Guide to Google Search Engine Optimization

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The organic guide to Google Seo Learn the proven organic search engine optimization methods and techniques The Seo industry and the rules for ranking on Google have completely changed in the past couple of years. It’s changed due to a new set of rules that have emerged in the wake of Google’s World Wide Web war that it waged in the silent digital abyss of cyberspace. This war that Google waged was against spammers and other websites that were bending and breaking the Seo rules to bully their ways to the top of search engine results pages (serps). In waging this war, Google dropped some atomic bombs in the form of changes to its algorithms (search formulas) that have completely transformed many of the strategies and techniques for ranking a website today. Gone are the easy days of instituting link schemes, keyword stuffing, and content cloaking, just to name a few of the ill-used techniques that led to this war. Today, the name of the game is relevancy. If Google doesn’t think you’re relevant, then not matter what techniques you use for search engine optimization from whatever Seo book you find them in, they won’t work. Why should you care about all this? Now that the digital dust has settled, it’s important for you to understand the new set of rules for ranking websites that now dominate the Web. Without the very important information contained in this Seo book, ranking today for any competitive keywords will be incredibly difficult. If you are going to make lasting changes on Google’s Serps, then you have to have the knowledge and know-how of what works today and what doesn’t.