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SEO Services for Law Firms | SEO for Lawyers
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0:13 Attorney SEO and Law Firm Marketing
0:23 Increase Your Leads and Clients with Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms
0:25 Three Main Factors in Lawyer SEO
0:58 SEO Services for Law Firms – Enlightened Marketing, LLC
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If you have found this video you are most likely an attorney or paralegal searching online to see how you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase the amount of targeted leads you receive, so you can increase your number of client intakes.

There is a reason this video is ranking on the first page if both YouTube and Google for the terms you are searching, and that is because we know SEO very well. You can rank your content and videos fairly easy if you know even the basics of SEO.

There are three main factors that will determine where you rank:
1.) On page optimization
2.) Off page optimization (Backlinks)
3.) Social Media Signals

Watch the video to learn more about each of these 3 factors that will determine where your website, blog post, press release, video, or other content will rank.

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It should also be said the MOST important factor to ranking well in YouTube and Google is providing quality content. Make sure and use Attraction Marketing by providing value to your potential clients. Answer the questions that they are typing into Google to find you. Whether you are a personal injury attorney a bankruptcy lawyer, your past clients have given you a very good idea of what your future clients will be asking. If you answer their questions before trying to sell them on your services, they will trust you and be more likely hire you. Part of Google’s search algorithm is watching how long someone stays on your content after they click on it from the search results. Quality content will keep users engaged and on your website or video.

A few example search queries or questions your potential clients may be typing in depending on where you are located:

Personal Injury Attorney in San Diego
What is the Best Law Firm in Texas?
What is the first step in Bankrupcty?
Sacramento Real Estate Attorney

The above are called keywords, and you must do keyword research to identified the highest searched keywords in your law niche. You may also want to exclude keywords that are too competitive and go after the ones with less search volume, so there is not so much competition. You can do your keyword research in Google free Keyword Planner within Adwords.

It should also be mentioned that if you have used SEO companies in the past you should have your website reviewed. If they used shady SEO techniques and spammy back links your site could be penalized. Do not hire just anyone, there are a lot of people claiming to be online marketers out there, and unfortunately the attorney niche gets targeted heavily because of the perceived money involved.

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SEO For Lawyers | SEO Services for Law Firms | Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys