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Search Engine Optimization – Testimonial for Phil Squires – A video Thank You for search engine optimization consultancy
by Katie Davis. I’m an author and an illustrator and the creator of a course teaching writers how to make videos called Video Idiot Boot Camp. When I launched the course I needed to get the word out via video.
That’s when I realized I needed to know more about keywords.
You know – those words and phrases people enter into Google to find you or your site, or your product?
I knew they were like secret homing devices but I had managed to avoid them becuase they confused me and kind of scared me. I’m in a very small niche business.
And then I met Phil Squires and he came to my rescue.
Phil taught me about keyword research.
Search engine optimization South Africa
He owns this company called Wicked Online Media.
He helps people grow their businesses, and he does that by helping them get found online
and what that does is grow their bottom line – their sales. They’re making more money.
What’s cool is he takes you through EXACTLY what you need to do, makes it totally easy and simple to understand. You get on a google hangout, and he shares his screen with you and you can see him find you keywords that are relevant for YOU, useful for YOU in YOUR market.
I’ve got no horse in this race – I just wanted to make Phil this video as a thank you because truly, he’s like having your own personal IT guy – actually he WAS an IT guy!
Search engine optimization techniques
We did a free strategy and Q&A session – and he will do that for you, too – and he’ll show you what you need to know, and even provide an Advanced Keyword Research Report in video format
Learn search engine optimization
I teach people how to make videos – I know if they took the time, they could probably eventually figure it out on their own, but sometimes it’s just way easier to have someone who knows more lead the way.
So Phil, thank you. I really appreciate your help, and I hope this video will bring you more visitors to YOUR site.
Actually – I gotta go.
Have to go use those tools you taught me to find good keywords for YOU so these peeps watching can find you!
You can get hold of Phil over at You’ll find weekly strategies and tips to help you use the internet to grow your business.
(I’ll do a Video Idiot Boot Camp tag – I don’t need to say more about it)
You can reach Phil Squires over at
Link to YouTube Video – Search Engine Optimization – Testimonial for Phil Squires