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search engine optimization techniques

search engine optimization techniques
Every website owner and online marketer would love to get more free traffic.
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After all, let’s face it. Having a website is pretty much meaningless unless you’re getting visitors who what what you’re offering.

That means getting TARGETED traffic.

And who wouldn’t want FREE targeted traffic?

The only way to do that is by getting your site recognized and ranked with Google, the mac-daddy of all search engines.

In fact, there’s a whole industry that’s grown out of this need to get ranked on Google. It’s called Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”.

Here’s the thing, while there are lots of ways to get traffic using paid methods, nothing beats ranking your site on Google.

Particularly for your niche’s most searched keywords and phrases. It’s that simple.

The best way to get ranked on Google is by consistently promoting quality content and building relevant backlinks.

Here are the some of the top ways to get Google to start loving your site:

1. Articles and blog posts

Quality content on and off your site are considered great ways to get ranked and gain authority. Regularly post quality and original articles related to your niche and related topics, focusing on specific keywords.

Quality Content
For articles posted on other sites, ensure that you have at least one link going back to a related content page on your own site!

2. Social Media:

With the onslaught of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among many others, they’re more important than ever.

Google wants to see relevant links, sharing, engagement and content about your site via these platforms. These days, social proof scores highly when Google decides how to rank sites.

So beef up your social media presence!

3. Forum Posting

It’s one of the oldest, proven methods to get relevant traffic, while also gaining visibility with Google. By providing relevant content and interacting with the forums, you’ll get free traffic.

Just remember to not spam with blatant link posts!

4. Videos

Videos are now huge catalysts for search engine traffic.

Especially on Youtube!

Make short, informative videos that cover topics relevant to your niche. Make sure that you use the right keywords and tags in your title and descriptions, and upload them to Youtube.

The more videos you post, the more traffic you’ll get.

5. Get links from authority sites

Find the sites that have the most authority in your niche or market, and try to get them to link to your site. The easiest way to do that is to offer to do a guest post for their blog, or submit an article for them to publish.

Just work on each of these a bit at a time. Consistency and patience really pays off when it comes to getting your site ranked. So don’t give up!
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