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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization with WSI Connect

Search engine optimization refers to practices that enhance your website’s visibility in organic web search results (unpaid searches based upon the algorithms used by search engines). Modern SEO focuses significantly on Google, the world’s most popular search engine, but also accounts for others such as Yahoo! and Bing. The goal with SEO is to appear as high as possible in searches for keywords that relate to your products and services.

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0:08 demystifying search engine optimization
0:11 search engine optimization or SEO may have taken a back seat to the new social
0:16 media marketing techniques for attracting new customers
0:19 but the truth remains that a well executed search marketing campaign
0:23 will still drive targeted traffic to your website
0:27 in this video will look at best practice SEO techniques
0:30 which work in harmony with the search engines
0:33 avoiding the risk of falling foul up algorithm updates which penalize
0:37 irregular SEO methods
0:40 there is no magic formula
0:42 achieving sustainable top rankings is not down to any mysterious SEO system
0:46that guarantees first page listings
0:49 will publicize Panda and Penguin Google updates were measures taken by the
0:54 world’s most popular search engine
0:55 to improve the quality of its listings by weeding a web sites using
0:59 SEO methods designed to artificially boost rankings
1:03 to value-based content marketing
1:06 creating kind to your target audience genuinely wants to read and share with
1:09 others
1:10 continues to be the best way to get the attention at the search engines
1:14 and to be rate accordingly as a valuable and relevant source of information
1:18 two searchers looking for your products and services
1:21 three
1:22 don’t ignore the basics
1:24 a good starting point for any SEO campaign is conducting an audit at your
1:28 current web site activities
1:29 including evaluating your content
1:36 checking your website structure
1:38 analyzing the quality for inbound links
1:41 a thorough SEO audit will determine whether there are pieces missing from
1:44 your current
1:45 online marketing activities
1:47 4 think mobile
1:49 the web is rapidly going mobile publishing mobile friendly content
1:53 and insuring your site is built using responsive web design techniques
1:57 will demonstrate to search engines that you are prepared for website traffic
2:01 from mobile devices
2:03 one thing is for certain in conclusion the search landscape will continue to
2:07 change
2:08 so be prepared to evolve with it
2:11 adopting a well-planned search marketing campaign or what we call
2:14 adaptive SEO will enable you to successfully adjust your marketing
2:18 tactics
2:19 and stay ahead of the crowd
2:21 if you would like help improve your search engine optimization strategy
2:24 get in touch