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2017 SEO: A Complete Search Engine Optimization(seo) Training in Urdu/Hindi

What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO ? and How to do a complete SEO in 2017 ? (This training is only for Urdu Hindi speakers), If you’re interested in these questions so watch this training cause I’ve explained everything in very depth.


Q1. Why I mentioned 2017 word ?
It’s just a trick that people ‘ll be attract to SEO training and they can be learn easily just by implementing some easy strategy which I taught in this tutorial.

Q2. What Does Mean by Free Training ?
Easy answer is that i ‘ll upload my all SEO secrets tricks on this channel which ‘ll be Free forever so make sure you’ve subscribe on our channel for upcoming stunning tutorials.

Q3. Is this tutorial is just for Urdu Hindi speakers ?
Yes, but if you can understand yourself by just watching video so maybe & might be it for Worldwide but I don’t think so 😀

Q4. How we can rank Our website ?
I already done this ques answer in Video, make sure you watch with Sound up.

Q5. What is Keywords ?
Keyword mean some specials words which peoples are search for their problems and solutions for example if you need “iPhone6” so what you ‘ll do ? you ‘ll just type in Google iPhone6 and you ‘ll get all iPhone related search that’s mean “iPhone6” is a keyword.

Q6. Well we receive upcoming SEO tutorials for free ?
Yes but not everyone on internet just those who have subscribe on my channel because i ‘ll share my upcoming tutorials with only subscribe.

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Note: I completed SEO basic to advanced training in Urdu/Hindi language you can watch it by clicking on the link here:
Go to my channel and click on play lists.

Search Engine Optimization Advice for Photographers Websites Search engines find it difficult to read photographs. There are a number of things that you can do to help search engines understand your images. Our video describes a number of search engine optimisation techniques that will help with search engines read your images.

For more information about SEO, go to our website or blog

7 SEO Optimization Tips To Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Enroll in my most popular SEO course ever!

Check out my advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course that was originally posted on Skillshare. I’ll show you some of the most popular SEO optimization techniques being used by some of the best in the business, like Brian Dean or Neal Patel.

This is a video contains 7 SEO course lessons that will help you improve your SEO ranking and get found online. These videos will show you how to improve your content marketing efforts by using such methods as the “skyscraper technique”, amongst others.

Lesson 1- Improve What Already Works 0:41
Lesson 2- Create More of What Works 2:15
Lesson 3- Google Search Console 3:57
Lesson 4- Keyword Research 5:54
Lesson 5- Repurpose Old Content 9:51
Lesson 6- Image Optimization 12:39
Lesson 7- Increase Your Post Length 16:25

If you’re new to SEO optimization and would like to improve your content marketing skills, these are some surefire tips.

SEO Marketing
SEO Optimization
Brian Dean
Skyscraper Technique

Art of Copywriting using SEO Techniques

Copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques video education. We will explain the core SEO techniques used while writing content for your website. It is important to always have a plan and writing engaging content for the reader. Using these SEO techniques will help improve your content while increasing your domain and page value.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Finding powerful sites that will link to you can be a difficult task, sometimes the easy way is buying them

It takes lots of time to find powerful websites in your niche willing to give you a link, emails back and forth to make contact and become friendly with the marketer or webmaster. A much faster option is to purchase these links.

Measuring Search Engine Traffic

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